Northern Rivers SAP FAQ’s

Q. What is the Norther Rivers SAP?

The centre’s are  in place to form advance training groups outside of local club football. In theory the SAP groups will be made up of the best of the best within the region and represent the Northern Rivers in our tournaments.

Q. Is the Norther Rivers SAP the same as the Gold Coast SAP ran by the Knights?

The training program and the curriculum will be delivered by the same staff and lead by the SAP manager Jamie Dixon. In theory we want the Northern Rivers having its own identity however to be part of an ever-growing football group. The Northern Rivers SAP will play against the GC SAP on a regular basis.

Q. How often will I train at  the SAP Centre?

Players who are selected into these programs are required to commit to 1 training night per week, however we can offer an extra night depending on your current workload with your local Club. ●

Q. What are the benefits of joining a centre at this age?

Well aside from the tangible pathway into the FFA Elite player pathway system, all players in the program can be sure that the Knights deliver an unrivalled coaching program. We employ staff with exceptional experience in youth development to do so. ●

Q. Can my child still play for a local grass roots team

Yes 100%. We recommend that your young player continues to play for their local football team on the FNC. It is a must that your chosen club football comes first, and we will work with your club  around your Childs work load.

Q. Are the centres open to any one?

No the Centres are not open to anyone. Players have to be invited in via one of are talent scouts who are actively working within the community alternately players can be chosen through our trial process which is run at the start of each season.

(The current 5 week Talent ID program on offer NOW)