The 2023 launch of MGIB Women coincides with Australia and New Zealand co-hosting the Women’s 2023 FIFA World Cup. The word at the moment around the Matildas is that if girls can see it, they can become it – think Sam Kerr.

This thought also applies to business. We would like the girls coming through Magic the opportunity to see Women in Business and promote and educate our girls on what they do.

We want our girls to dream – the sky’s the limit!

MGIB Women will be a series of networking events to help bring together women in football, sport & business. MGIB Women hopes to inspire and empower girls and women to become tomorrow’s future leaders.

Empowering tomorrow’s leaders

During the year we will have several MGIB Women social events as well as MGIB events, creating memorable occasions and moments. We offer a unique platform to generate new business opportunities whilst networking with like minded people.

For Girls

We will help educate, giving girls inspiration to lead to help their Education (Choices).

Advice from Women in football, sport & business will give girls careers advice and empowerment to follow their own journey.

By working with Industry leaders we hope to give our girls employment opportunities.

Healthy lifestyle habits for life. Supporting mental health and wellbeing.

For Business

Educate our members about your business and services you and/or your business provide.

Opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals or businesses.

Opportunity to recruit. All players are coachable, all players are manageable.

Opportunity to give back and invest in your community.

Potential return on investment (ROI) for your time and/or sponsorship working with the MGIB team.

We are looking for 10 ambassadors to help us raise tomorrow’s future Girl and Women leaders.

We ask our ambassadors to educate our future leaders. By telling your story you could be helping many girls who can dare to dream.

We ask our ambassadors to speak at some of our events. We ask you to share your wisdom, experiences, your setbacks, how you navigated problems and your advice to our leaders of tomorrow.

Did sport play a role in your journey?

Please tell us your stories, giving real life examples and provide an insight as to how you achieved your goals through your own journey.

We encourage you to promote our events so we can increase the size of our network.

We ask that our ambassadors support by attending events where possible.

MGIB Women Expression of Interest

Please contact Andrew Robinson

0413 888 643